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Hi! Im George Parsel and I created this blog to help you with all aspects of vaporising I have a wide experience in eliquids and and CBD oil.

The key criteria for choosing a weed inhaler?

In order to determine the cannabis spray adapted to your situation and your consumption, you need to ask yourself some questions:

Are you looking for an inhaler for recreational or medical use?

Would you like a salon vaporizer or a portable vaporizer?

What type of heater do you prefer: conduction, convection, or radiation?

Do you prefer an inhalation system by mouthpiece or balloon?

How much temperature do you enjoy consuming your weed?

What price are you willing to pay?

To help you choose the vaporizer that suits your desires, we have tested and analyzed all the models that we present on this website. Our Tests and Opinions are based on 5 objective criteria: 

The quality of steam produced by the vapo in terms of smoke density, aroma, taste and flavor when inhaled.

The heating system with the type of heating used, the components and materials chosen, the choice of temperatures, the autonomy and the power of the battery.

The overall safety of your device and in particular the respect of the European and French standards, as well as the potential risks incurred.

The purchase price depending on the quality of the product. For you to find the best prices online, you can click on the green buttons that redirect to Amazon.

The Different Types Of Vapo Cannabis

There are two types of vapo weed on the market: lounge sprays and portable sprays.

A living room vaporizer, also called a fixed spray-on-office vaporizer, refers to a device that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. These models to use at home are generally of better quality than mobile vapos. They can run continuously (without downtime) and sometimes have multiple steam outlets for collegiate use. Heating is usually by convection with or without forced air. Convection with a blower, as is the case with the Volcano, requires the use of a balloon; the steam is propelled into a balloon which will then be inhaled. On the contrary convection without blower is done with an air pipe to suck as it is the case with a shisha.

A portable vaporizer, where vaporous weed, looks like an electronic cigarette. It can spray your favorite plants both indoors and outdoors. A portable marijuana vaporizer works thanks to a battery and thus a limited time of use before recharging. These models are ergonomic and compact to fit in a pocket and be used discreetly. The dimensions and design vary from one device to another: cylindrical, square, pen shape … There are big differences in price depending on the quality of the vaporizer and its heating system. Inquire before you buy!

Precautions for use:

The first step is to grind the hemp flowers. It is possible to grind your weed by hand or with a suitable tool such as a grinder. For information, it is possible to store cannabis in a refrigerator or a freezer compartment to be able to chop herbs more easily later.

The second step is filling the cannabis spray with your substance. Filling chambers differ depending on the model, either at the top or at the bottom of the machine, and can accommodate between 0.2 and 0.6 grams of marijuana. In addition some units do not accept the use of concentrates and liquid, while others provide accessories to consume.

After lighting your vapo a warm-up time of 20 to 60 seconds is required before use. Once this time has elapsed, you must adjust the temperature of heating according to your desires, then inhale the steam produced. When using a convection model, we recommend that you stir the filling bowl slightly every minute to allow the heat to evaporate all the substances in your cannabis. Once your aromatherapy session ends, that is when your plants are dark brown in color and no longer provide steam, you need to turn off your unit.

Portable inhalers need to be recharged regularly. When the battery is low, you can connect your marijuana vaporizer by USB plug or by mains plug.

Regarding cleaning and maintenance, it is important to empty your machine and brush the grids after each use.